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Working out with Jesse is one of the best decisions I have made in the last 5 years. That’s about how long I have been working out with him. I used to be a distance runner—5K to marathon distance—until my knees gave out. I had medial meniscus surgery in 2012 and was rehabbing to resume running when my wife suggested I continue with a personal trainer where PT left off. She suggested Jesse since she had been working out with him for several years. She told me he was the best trainer she had worked with. She was right. My knees are still problematic for running, but Jesse has maintained and improved my fitness level (from when I was running) and improved my overall body strength to the point where I feel I am stronger now than I was when I was in college. All this by a combination of low impact, joint protective exercises which include body weight, kettle bells, battle rope, stretch bands, TRX, and the more traditional iron weights too. He constantly amazes me with the variety of movements and exercise combinations that he brings to the workout. That keeps things fresh (something I could not do on my own) and insures that all muscle groups are working. He is also very cognizant of the functional aspect of workouts and incorporates exercises which develop balance (very important for us older folks) and protect the low back (he is always cueing me on that one). He is also constantly learning and expanding his knowledge base. I have seen him improve himself over the last 5 years by acquiring numerous certifications, and becoming a premier TRX training facility—the only one in Orlando. I am proud of him for that. No, he didn’t pay me for this endorsement. I did it as a favor for the fitness he has given me. I watch what I eat and try to take care of myself, but Jesse has been a major factor in the current health and mobility that I now enjoy. Thanks Jesse!


I started with Jesse a few years ago with a little doubt (I’m stubborn and didn’t think he was really going to help me lose weight and “tone up”), thinking that I would just try it out for a couple of months and then just continue on my own, without a trainer. However, I was immediately hooked! I saw my body changing and nothing beat the feeling I got after training. It also helped me make better food choices the rest of the day! I thought I would stop training with Jesse and just wing it on my own, but without him I know my form would be off and I would be back to where I was before him, damaged shoulder from poor form trying to put some muscle on my arms (I couldn’t lift my arm to put my shirt on without being in pain for almost 6 months before I started with Jesse). He rehabilitated my shoulder within the first couple of months of training with him. Although I initially started training to lose a little weight and “tone up” my flabby arms and legs, I ended up changing my goals a little. I wanted to do more strength training to build more lean muscle. I don’t see myself ever stopping our training sessions. I’d be completely lost, even after training for a few years. I don’t have to think about putting together a workout that hits all my body parts and allows me to progress as I get leaner and stronger, because I can’t do the same thing every day and expect changes. I have a very full schedule (full time career and grad school) and Jesse helps me stay on schedule so I can achieve my fitness, life and work/school goals."

Valentina MK

I have been training with Unconventional Strength for quite a few years on my path to better health, functional movement and core strength. With a very badly deteriorated hip (thanks to my training program, I had no idea it was that bad), consistent training meant I hiked, climbed glaciers and bugee-jumped my way through Australia. Then came a hip replacement, which I thankfully sailed through - I didn't even qualify for Physical Therapy as I was doing "too well". Back to training as soon as I got the go ahead, and Jesse worked with me to come back stronger than ever. Since then, I have lost 54 pounds (WW worked for me) and functional movement/personal training has been a key component! Then came COVID, and due to my age and responsibilities for some elderly family members, I needed to switch to virtual sessions. I worked with Jesse to get a set of TRX straps and a kettlebell, and he has tailored my programming to my at home resources. I zoom in to the studio and work along with the rest of the group. I haven't missed a beat and I am stronger, healthier and more flexible now than when COVID started. That's been my goal, and virtual training has helped me achieve it! I only wish I could go back and tell my younger self how important fitness is to living life to the fullest. I'd have started this years sooner!

Linda S.

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